About Us

Azin-Kimia Company was founded in 2009 with the aim of supplying raw and consuming materials for steel industries. Our support in this regard, was gaining years of experience in research and laboratory services as well as the production of steel products in Holding companies with Azin-Kimia, i.e. Razi Metallurgical Laboratory and Azar Steel Company. Today, our focus at Azin-Kimia Company is on the supply of consuming materials such as ferroalloys, especially different grades of Ferro-Manganese and Ferro-Silico-Manganese which their domestic production rate does not meet local demand. Based on our scientific knowledge on minerals at the same time, we are not just focusing on the commercial aspects of supplying these materials: we are trying to not only provide the highest quality of imported ferroalloys to local steelmakers but also, simultaneously improve their knowledge that how to produce their superior final steel products by optimal consuming of these alloys. Carrying out studies with the aim of extracting domestic manganese mines, as well as laying the groundwork and trying to locally produce these alloys are among the company’s development plans on the other hand.Azin-kimia has actually established a supplying Clinic of Minerals and Ferroalloys by applying vital experience gained in its other Holding companies, from production of billets and steel parts and pieces on one hand; and laboratory R&D works on the other hand so that to be able to provide his customers with the right scheme of buying ferroalloys with tailored analysis and optimal rate of consumption to guarantee minimal production cost for the steelmaker. Thus, we in Azin-kimia; are not just thinking of selling the offered commodities by the way, but instead; our main focus is on quality.Azin-kimia’s other professional approach is to prevent the steelmaker losses from foreign suppliers’ side. That’s because trade and procurement departments of steel producing companies are usually only familiar with the general principles of commerce and business affairs and do not have any deep and specific attention on procuring important consuming materials, such as FeMn and SiMn which causes problems like selecting an unqualified supplier, increasing the cost of supplying materials, procuring low quality ferromanganese alloys in terms of analysis and elemental Mn uptake, and the presence of high amount of undesirable impurities in downstream production process of the steel final products.During the years since its establishment, Azin-kimia is continuously seeking to provide its services for different customers with stable quality and reasonable prices at any time by relying on his experience, expertise, and keeping connection to the pertinent cutting-the-edge technology in the world.