Global Market Overview of Manganese Ore & related Ferroalloys

Manganese Ore
October 3, 2020
Aug. 2020 Monthly Report of Manganese Ore & It’s Ferroalloys
November 8, 2020
  • Silico-manganese (SiMn)

Global production of Silico-manganese increased in 2019 for a fourth consecutive year, up by 13% from 2018 to 18 million mt, although steel production expanded by only 2.2% that year. Among the top 10 producers of SiMn, only China, Malaysia and South Africa saw a growth in output in 2019, while supply from other countries contracted from its previous year. China accounts for 69% of the global supply.





  • High-carbon Ferromanganese (HC Fe-Mn)

After rising in 2017 and 2018, global high-carbon ferro-manganese production remained stable in 2019 around 4.4 million mt (-0.1% from 2018), with higher output in China, India and Japan compensating production cuts in Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, South Africa, Australia, Ukraine, and France.



  • Manganese Ore

The world’s output of manganese ore increased in 2019 on rising demand from manganese alloy smelters for the third consecutive year. Mn miners produced 22.5 million mt (Mn contained) in 2019, equivalent to 64.2 million wet mt, with an average ore grade of 35% Mn. Miners increased output by 8% or 1.6 million mt Mn units from 2018, reaching a new record high. The additional supply mostly came from South Africa, Gabon, Brazil, Ghana and Ivory Coast, driven by China’s demand, where Mn consumption increased by 14% in 2019 from its previous year.



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