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Azin Kimia Warehouse
November 20, 2020

RAZI Applied Science Foundation

  • RAZI Applied Science Foundation is a private organization in the field of engineering sciences and technology located in Tehran.
  • Its main activity is concentrated in the area of Metallurgy, and more specifically Metals, Polymers, & Ceramics. RAZI Foundation is involved for more than 40 years in the R&D work and consultancy for many industrial sectors, problem solving, adapting new technologies, materials and technology optimization, industrial Processes simulation modeling in the field of metallurgy and providing laboratory services for his clients.
  • RAZI Foundation is known as an “Industry Reference” in the Middle East region and has several valid “Accreditation Certificates” from Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia,…



RAZI Applied Science Foundation

  • Professor Davami is the founder of RAZI Applied Science Foundation and also spiritual owner of the holding who is known as the father of casting technology in Iran and a winner of more than 20 international awards in R&D activities.
  • The foundation is still in close cooperation with well known German car manufacturers such as Porsche, Mercedes Benz, & BMW in simulating their casting processes by using his own proprietary simulation software: “SUT CAST”.

Some of the honors of Dr. Davami:

  1. Received the First Scientific Mark of Iran
  2. Received the Iranian First-class Badge of Knowledge
  3. Selected Inventor of the Country
  4. President of the Iranian Casting Society
  5. Submitted more than 160 International Articles
  6. Winner of the QIT World Design Award in Germany
  7. Received the Gold Medal of the World Intellectual Property Organization of the United Nations; WIPO


Bases Provided for the Holding by RAZI Foundation


:. AZIN_KIMIA is established 12 years ago with worldwide contacts in UAE, Oman, and China. Its main activity is the global sourcing, import and export, sales and distribution of mineral ores, pure metals, and Ferro Alloys to the Iranian Steel Mills, Foundries, Refractory and Ceramic Industries.

:. AZIN_KIMIA is the most biggest importer of Ferro Alloys from India and has developed and serves to a vast market chain with more than 70 well known Iranian steel manufacturers.

:. AZIN_KIMIA is continuously providing his customers with proper solutions even under the existing circumstances, i.e. tough international sanctions and unfavorable conditions in domestic laws.

Bases Provided for the Holding by AZIN_KIMIA Co.

Thank you for being with us / AZIN_KIMIA Co.

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