An approach to sustainable supply

An approach to sustainable supply

Manganese ferroalloys are one of the strategic goods needed in the country’s steel industry, which despite the efforts made, production Due to the limitation of mineral resources, it is facing serious challenges internally, and for this reason, most of the country’s needs are met from imports. Of course, the field of importing this product also faces problems due to some government regulations that affect its timely and stable delivery. Azin Kimia Materials Company, as one of the leaders in supplying ferroalloys to the country’s steel industry, in

In recent years, it has been trying to obtain the maximum satisfaction of its customers by providing consumables for the country’s steel industries in a timely and quality manner, and by providing the correct purchase plan for ferroalloys with appropriate analysis and optimal consumption rates, the minimum production cost for steelmakers. The country guarantees.

Optimum supply of consumables in a stable and quality manner is one of the basic and determining issues in the production process of the steel industry, which can affect many performance indicators of this industry, such as the cost price and profitability, and the quantity and quality of the produced products. This issue, considering the position and importance of the steel industry in Iran’s economy, will have a significant impact on the competitiveness of the industry’s players in domestic and non-international markets. Azin Kimia Materials Company has 14 years of experience in providing goods supply services for steel production companies. This company strives to supply high quality goods at reasonable prices with the aim of optimal consumption for customers and steelmaking units of the countryIt should be mentioned that Azin Kimia Materials Company has focused on supplying ferroalloys based on manganese. However, it should be noted that in recent years, good efforts have been made in the domestic production of these products in the country, which is worthy of appreciation.

. ◄ Challenges and solutions of ferroalloy supply

Ferroalloys are considered to be one of the most efficient strategic consumables of steel industries, and their supply in the country has faced challenges in recent years, and these challenges can be investigated and evaluated in the domestic and foreign spheres. In recent years, due to the restrictions of foreign currency supply for imports, a lot of attention has been paid to the ecology of manganese ferroalloys in the country. However, the limited number of mines with suitable grades in the country is considered the main problem of the production of these ferroalloys, an issue that has caused Iran to change from a country that imports the product it needs (ferroalloys) to a country that imports foreign raw materials (manganese rock). to be However, it should be noted that the import of manganese ore itself faces challenges and problems that make the import of this stone more difficult than its ferroalloy. It can be safely said that the realization of development in the domestic production of manganese ferroalloys requires an increase in investment in the field of exploration and development of the country’s mining sector. Of course, it should be noted that the domestic production of ferrosilicon in the country has different conditions compared to manganese ferroalloys, because Iran, having rich mines and benefiting from localized technologies, has a good opportunity for development and production. This product has the advantage that this problem has not only made the country free from its imports, but also provides suitable export markets for the producers of this field. In the foreign field as well, global events have caused a decrease in demand and subsequently a decrease in the price of manganese-based ferroalloys, and Iran’s steel industry has also been affected by these changes. China is considered to be the largest consumer of this ferroalloy in the country The reason for the decline in steel production in this country is that it has decreased. It should be mentioned that although the war in Ukraine created a false price increase in the global market of this product, this bubble quickly disappeared and the price of manganese ferroalloy has experienced a very sharp decrease over the past year. In general, it can be said that currently, the steel industry is in a severe recession at the global level, and international changes on a large scale are the only way to get rid of this industry from the current situation. Currently, India is the largest supplier

It is considered the country’s ferroalloys, and this country has had a significant price reduction in the production of ferroalloys in recent years. Of course, it should be kept in mind that the embargo conditions of the country and its impact on transportation costs, as well as the need to inspect the goods at the source with the aim of providing high-quality goods, are other factors and challenges affecting the supply and price of ferromanganese and ferrosilicomanganese.

According to the existing conditions, in order to achieve the quality and appropriate price of this product in the country, it is necessary to create a balance between supply and demand with the help of imports. However, at present, the imposition of severe restrictions on traders in the field of imports is considered one of the main reasons and factors that have caused this balance not to be reached and its fragility. This means that commercial companies need to enter into a contract and present it for import. This factor itself has caused the lack of access and creating a balance between supply and demand in the country. Revising this policy and making it easier to import ferromanganese products will increase the supply and price balance of this product.

◄ Supplying the needs of the steel industry by relying on experience and knowledge

Azin Kimia Materials Company is considered one of the most experienced companies in the field of supplying ferroalloys for the steel industry, which provides the possibility of technical inspections (qualitative and quantitative) at the source by accurately identifying and signing contracts with reliable suppliers. Also, respecting the timing of the shipment of goods, he has focused all his efforts to obtain the highest level of customer satisfaction. This company has planned its actions by not emphasizing on the cheaper price of the products, considering the importance and necessity of providing high quality. However, it should be kept in mind that foreign suppliers of ferroalloys, in the conditions of price fluctuations, use the existing restrictions in the country to obtain import licenses, and as soon as the price increases, they impose the lack of timely delivery on the importing commercial companies. do In this regard, Azin Kimia materials company is trying to choose suppliers to buy its products, which is the best time They put the delivery in their work form, but it should be kept in mind that the strict limits on foreign trade and internal policies on this import have made this process very difficult. Azin Kimia Materials Company is actually a ferroalloy supply clinic that, relying on the experience of using its holding companies in the field of steel production and proper understanding of production processes, as well as years of technical knowledge and scientific research in the field of metallurgical industries service laboratory, has been able to benefit Mandy has gained high satisfaction among customers from teams consisting of people with high skills and required import tonnage, so that he can provide his customers with the correct purchase plan of ferroalloys with proportional analysis and optimal consumption rate. The minimum cost of production is guaranteed for the country’s steelmakers.

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